Two useful JavaScripts for images

I’ve been playing around a lot with Javascript recently and have found a couple of really useful scripts that add interactivity to images or any content.

In both of the following examples, click on the edit link to see the pen in full and look in the pen settings to see how I’ve linked the external JS and CSS.


This one is from Zurb’s excellent Foundation framework and is used to highlight the difference between two images. I’ve taken the JS and CSS and linked to my own pen:

See the Pen TwentyTwenty by Hadrian Cawthorne (@hadders) on CodePen.21057

jQuery Flip

This one came by accident as I was looking at an animation script and spotted a lovely page on the Microsoft site – it’s now been removed 🙁

But look at how the cards on the side of the Microsoft page flip. So with a bit of digging around I found jQuery Flip.

See the Pen jQuery Flip by Hadrian Cawthorne (@hadders) on CodePen.10068




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