Resizing Images

As DSLR’s take very high quality images, you will need to resize your pictures.

Here are two simple and fast ways of resizing images.

Using Photoshop

File, Scripts, Image Processor

1 – Connect the SD Card to the PC or Mac using a card reader (available in the tech store)


2 – Open Photoshop


3– Go to File > Scripts > Image Processor




Image Processor Screenshot

1 –  Pick a Source Folder. This is where you are importing photos from.

On a Mac, go to Finder, then: EOS_DIGITAL > DCIM > 100CANON

On a PC, go to Computer, then: EOS_DIGITAL > DCIM > 100CANON

Please note, in some instances, the memory card may not be called EOS_DIGITAL, it may be called NONAME or AVCHD.


2 –  Select Location to Save Processed Image.

Create a folder somewhere where you will find it. This folder will be where your imported images are saved to.


3 – Set Quality to 10


4 – File Type – Tick “Resize to Fit” and set Width (W) & Height (H) to 1000px

5 Click “Run”


Using iPhoto

  • Connect the camera and open iPhoto
  • Under “Devices” select the camera

iPhoto Event





1 – Enter an Event Name

2 – Select the photos you wish to import (hold down cmd + click to select multiple photos)

3 – Click “Import Selected”. Or if you want to import all of your photos, click “Import x Photos”

4 – Once your photos have imported, select all of your photos.

5 – Go to File – Export

iPhoto Export Settings

6 – Make sure “Kind” is set to JPEG

7 – “JPEG Quality” is High

8 – “Size” is set to Custom

  9 – Set “Max” to dimension and enter 1000px in the “of” box.

  10 – Click “Export”

  11 – Choose where you wish your photos to be saved to.