Fonts for InDesign work: 2016-2017

To ensure that your InDesign work is compatible with all computers in Journalism’s Newsrooms, you’ll need to stick to using certain fonts. The list is below, and we’ll keep this updated with any changes (we’ve also added a link to the list as a PDF doc, to show formatted samples of the fonts, but in case we update the list, always view it online rather than downloading).

Remember that InDesign doesn’t list all of its fonts alphabetically – but to make things easier for you, the font names below are listed alphabetically.
Note: Without foreign keyboard settings available, fonts for non-Latin alphabets (e.g. Mandarin fonts) may appear in ordinary Latin characters (e.g. just appear as English writing), so they are not included in this list.

3 of 9 Barcode

Adobe Caslon Pro (regular / italic / semibold / semibold italic / bold / bold italic)

Adobe Garamond Pro (regular / italic / bold / bold italic)

Agency FB (regular / bold)


Arial (narrow / narrow italic / narrow bold / narrow bold italic / regular / italic / bold / bold italic / black)

Arial Rounded MT Bold

Baskerville Old Face

Bauhaus 93

Bell MT (regular / italic / bold)

Berlin Sans FB (regular / bold)

Berlin Sans FB Demi

Bernard MT Condensed

Birch Std

Blackadder ITC

Blackoak St

Bodoni MT (poster compressed / condensed / condensed italic / condensed bold / condensed bold italic / regular / italic / bold / bold italic / black / black italic)

Book Antiqua (regular / italic / bold / bold italic)

Bookman Old Style (regular / italic / bold / bold italic)

Bookshelf Symbol 7

Bradley Hand ITC

Britannic Bold


Brush Script MT

Brush Script Std

Calibri (light / light italic / regular / italic / bold / bold italic)

Californian FB (regular / italic / bold)

Calisto MT (regular / italic / bold / bold italic)

Cambria (regular / italic / bold / bold italic)

Cambria Math

Candara (regular / italic / bold / bold italic)




Century Gothic (regular / italic / bold / bold italic)

Century Schoolbook (regular / italic / bold / bold italic)

Chaparral Pro (light italic / regular / italic / bold / bold italic)

Charlemagne Std


Colonna MT

Comic Sans MS (regular / bold)

Consolas (regular / italic / bold / bold italic)

Constantia (regular / italic / bold / bold italic)

Cooper Black

Cooper Std (black / black italic)

Copperplate Gothic Bold

Copperplate Gothic Light

Corbel (regular / italic / bold / bold italic)

Courier New (regular / italic / bold / bold italic)

Curlz MT


Duolos SIL

Ebrima (regular / bold)

Edwardian Script ITC

Elephant (regular / italic)

Engravers MT

Eras Bold ITC

Eras Demi ITC

Eras Light ITC

Eras Medium ITC

Estrangelo Edessa

Euclid (regular / italic / bold / bold italic)

Euclid Extra (regular / bold)

Euclid Fraktur (regular / bold)

Euclid Math One (regular / bold)

Euclid Math Two (regular / bold)

Euclid Symbol (regular / italic / bold / bold italic)


Felix Titling


Footlight MT Light


Franklin Gothic Book (regular / italic)

Franklin Gothic Demi (regular / italic)

Franklin Gothic Demi Cond

Franklin Gothic Heavy (regular / italic)

Franklin Gothic Medium (regular / italic)

Franklin Gothic Medium Cond

Freestyle Script

French Scipt MT


Gaduji (regular / bold)

Garamond (regular / italic / bold)

Georgia (regular / italic / bold / bold italic)

Giddyup Std


Gill Sans MT (regular / italic / bold / bold italic)

Gill Sans MT Condensed

Gill Sans MT Ext Condensed Bold

Gill Sans Ultra Bold

Gill Sans Ultra Bold Condensed

Gloucester MT Extra Condensed

Goudy Old Style (italic / regular / bold)

Goudy Stout


Harlow Solid italic


High Tower Text (regular / italic)

Hobo Std


Imprint MT Shadow

Informal Roman

Iskoola Pota (regular / bold)

Janda Manatee Bubble

Janda Manatee Solid


Juice ITC

Khmer UI (regular / bold)

Kristen ITC

Kunstler Script

Lao UI (regular / bold)

Letter Gothic Std (medium / slanted / bold / bold slanted)

Lithos Pro (regular / black)

Lucida Bright (regular / italic / demibold / demibold italic)

Lucida Calligraphy

Lucida Console

Lucida Fax (regular / italic / demibold / demibold italic)

Lucida Handwriting

Lucida Sans (regular / italic / demibold roman / demibold italic)

Lucida Sans Typewriter (regular / oblique / bold / bold oblique)

Lucida Sans Unicode


Maiandra GD


Matura MT Script Capitals

Mesquite Std

Microsoft Himalaya

Microsoft New Tai Lue (regular / bold)

Microsoft PhagsPa (regular / bold)

Microsoft Sans Serif

Microsoft Tai Le (regular / bold)

Microsoft Yi Baiti

Minion Pro (bold cond. / bold cond. italic / regular / italic / medium / medium italic / semibold / semibold italic / bold / bold italic)


Modern No. 20

Mongolian Baiti

Monotype Corsvia


MS Outlook

MS Reference Sans Serif

MS Reference Speciality

MT Extra Tiger

MT Extra

MV Boli

Myriad Pro (condensed / condensed italic / bold condensed / bold condensed italic / regular / italic / semibold / semibold italic / bold / bold italic)

Niagara Engraved

Niagara Solid

Nueva Std (condensed / condensed italic / bold condensed / bold condensed italic / italic / bold)


OCR A Extended


Old English Text MT




Orator Std (medium / slanted)

Palace Script MT

Palatino Linotype (regular / italic / bold / bold italic)



Perpetua (regular / italic / bold / bold italic)

Perpetua Titling MT (light / bold)

Plantagenet Cherokee


Poor Richard

Poplar Std

Prestige Elite Std


Rage Italic


Reprise Script

Rockwell (regular / italic / bold / bold italic)

Rockwell Condensed (regular / bold)

Rockwell Extra Bold

Rosewood Std

Sakkal Majalla (regular / bold)

SBL Greek

Script MT Bold

Segoe Print (regular / bold)

Segoe Script (regular / bold)

Segoe UI (light / semilight / regular / italic / semibold / bold / bold italic)

Segoe UI Symbol

Showcard Gothic

SILDoulos IPA93 (regular / italic / bold / bold italic)


SILManuscript IPA93 (bold italic / regular / italic / bold)


SILSophia IPA93 (bold italic / regular / italic / bold)


Snap ITC

Source Code Pro (extralight / light / regular / semibold / bold / black)

Source Sans Pro (extralight / extralight italic / light / light italic / regular / italic / semibold / semibold italic / bold / bold italic / black / black italic)


Stencil Std



Symbol Tiger

Symbol Tiger Expert

Tahoma (regular / bold)

Tekton Pro (bold condensed / bold / bold oblique / bold extended)

Tempus Sans ITC


Tiger Expert

Times New Roman (regular / italic / bold / bold italic)

Trajan Pro (regular / bold)

Trajan Pro 3 (regular / bold)

Trebuchet MS (regular / italic / bold / bold italic)

Tw Cen MT (regular / italic / bold / bold italic)

Tw Cen MT Condensed (regular / bold)

Tw Cen MT Condensed Extra Bold

Verdana (regular / italic / bold / bold italic)

Viner Hand ITC


Vladimir Script


Wide Latin


Wingdings 2

Wingdings 3

Below is a formatted list with samples (but in case of any updates, always view online instead of downloading):

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