Finding X drive folders, on a standard university PC

The Journalism Studies department can provide its students with access to extra folders, which can be used on standard university PCs (such as those in the newsrooms) to provide more storage for saving work. You might need to log off and on again to see the folder/s for the first time after you’ve been given access.

Here’s how to find the folders by using the Start menu:

1. Log on, go to the Start menu, then click on Computer. Go to the line which ends in “X”, which should say something like:
shared (\\ (X:). Click on that.

2. A window should come up, showing various folders. Click on JNL_Students, and then click the relevant folder inside that: Groups for shared folders and group work (such as shared magazines, news days), Users for individual work (e.g. if you have any of your own individual X drive folder/s).

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