Adding VTs to Caspar, from a standard university PC

The Caspar server is where news day VTs can be placed, ready for the VT operator to play them into TV bulletins.
Here’s how to connect to Caspar using a standard university PC (such as those in the newsrooms).

1. Log on, go to the Start menu, then click on Local Disk (C:).

2. Near the top left of the window which appears, click the icon next to C:\ as shown below. This should give you the ability to type over the C:\ text.

3. Type \\caspar and hit Return (Enter).

4. When asked, type student as both the username and password to connect. You should then see the media area on Caspar, which contains the usual folders (e.g. “News Day 13 Dec”) into which you can copy your news day VTs.

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