Converting audio to WAV

Here are various methods you can pick from to convert audio to WAV: In Reaper Drag the file from File Explorer to the Reaper timeline. Go to File > Render. Type in a new filename if desired. Click “Browse”, choose “Browse for directory”, choose where to save, then click OK. At the “Output format” drop-down, select “WAV”. Click “Render 1 …

Which audio format should I work with?

There’s a range of audio formats available, so here’s a basic guide to the formats you’ll be coming across most often. MP3 audio is often more “compressed”, so it’s lower quality, but the files take up less space, and (as long as they’re well recorded!) they’re decent enough for a basic audio clip you don’t have much space for, or …

Unzipping files for Reaper

If you’ve downloaded a folder of audio files, these may download in the form of a “zip” (compressed) folder. Reaper will be able to see and display the files that are within the zip folder, but not play them – but here’s a quick fix.

Radio room recordings

As well as appearing in Burli for 10 days, radio room recordings are also uploaded to the network, to be kept there until the end of the academic year. The current links are below, and work on the university network. On standard university PCs (the PCs you log into with your university username): Go to the Start Menu (Windows icon, …

Burli Newsroom System

This is an introduction to Burli (for the page listing all Burli posts, see

Reaper audio editor for journalists

Reaper  is a powerful digital audio workstation (DAW) for both PC and Mac and is ideal for editing audio for radio and multimedia journalism.